We are a beauty and wellness company dedicated to a transformative and inclusive skincare experience harnessing the power of Moringa, one of the most valuable natural resources on the planet.


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. The genesis of the WonderTree brand is an incredible personal journey that led founder Orlena Nwokah Blanchard back to her roots to rediscover the importance and philosophy of natural, traditional ingredients to help her regain her health, wellness and overall equilibrium. Today, she is spreading and sharing the word about her individual path and how it positively impacts women’s complexions, health and lives. 



Watch Orlena's Story

A life-threatening personal health crisis caused Orlena to endure surgery and a challenging recovery. This serious situation and her compromised health resulted in her becoming ultra-sensitive to products she had previously used on her skin, environments she had inhabited, and the food she ingested. This hyper-sensitivity and the irritation that followed compelled her to reevaluate her choices and to become very intentional in every aspect of her wellness journey.

The quest for safe, gentle and effective ingredients led back to her childhood roots in Nigeria, where traditional and ancestral plants and extracts, butters and oils were used to promote physical and spiritual healing. Orlena was not alone in her pursuit as she knew many other Black women were searching for skincare solutions while enduring frustrating trial and error that is typical of what is available. Having worked in the beauty industry, Orlena was all too familiar with an industry that had yet to offer a fully inclusive and equitable skincare experience. A conversation with a good friend and fellow West African pointed her in the direction of a game-changing solution, Moringa Oleifera.

Watch Orlena's Story

Where it all started...

Hi there and welcome to WonderTree!  

I’m honored you’re here. I hope my story and our products inspire you and make you feel appreciated for how BEAUTY-full you truly are!

In 2012, at the age of 39, I was diagnosed with a precancerous tumor in my colon. As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three young sons it was really scary. Serious surgery and a tough recovery made it even more heart wrenching for me and my family.  For the next 10 years I struggled with illness on and off, never knowing if it was related to how close I came to colon cancer. Last year, I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis, a debilitating skin disorder. As I continue to heal, I thank God every day for my life and the journey that led me to discover my true calling.

Today, I know with every ounce of my being that my purpose is to help right the wrongs of the world so women like me know they are worthy and welcome always, and in all ways. That is exactly what placed me squarely on the front lines of the fight for racial equity in the beauty industry as one of the founders of the CROWN Act movement. I helped to architect a global movement that is as much about dignity as it is about access. We all deserve the freedom to live and enjoy longer, healthier, more BEAUTY-full lives.

Through WonderTree, I continue to live in my purpose to be a force for good. I hope you’ll join me on this mission to make the world a more BEAUTY-full place for all.

With love, Orlena 

Our founding team

WonderTree Skin was birthed in partnership with some of the dopest humans I know, on a shared mission to change the world with Moringa.